Friday, 20 April 2012

Kamondi! Tailored Suits and Shirts Exclusively for Women

Born in Uganda and raised in the United Kingdom, friends Emma Mohamed and Sonia Ygo are the designing duo behind Kamondi Couture, a London based label offering tailored suits and shirts exclusively for women. The label was created in 2006 after the two friends were given traditional African fabrics as gifts while on holiday in Uganda. The uniquely patterned fabrics inspired the pair to design tailor-made shirts. Following countless compliments, the pair spotted a gap in the market and saw great potential to offer well made shirts using unique and unusual prints.

In 2010, Emma and Sonia began designing a ready-to-wear collection which launched at Fashions Finest Renaissance Fashion Show in January 2011. They impressed the audience with their bold designs and quickly won acclaim for their creativity and interesting approach on women's tailoring.

Drawing their inspiration form traditional features on men's tailoring, their suits and shirts are refined with an elegant flair to suit the female form. The couple are keen to bring their original and daring designs to the forefront of fashion.

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