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Beautiful designs from GloRia WavaMuno of Uganda

Born in London, England and raised between the fast paced London and Kampala, GloRia WavaMunno graduated from the American Intercontinental University London in 2008.  A year later, in January 2009, she founded her own label, GloRia WavaMunno debuting her first ever collection, Love. Her use of African Kitenge fabric from all over Africa in modern-cut designs captures the passion for her homeland, its vast culture, and wealth of inspiration. She has a signature style of authentic fabrics, sharp tailoring, sensual designs and individuality. The brand’s light, eccentric clothing for women has received wide acclamation in the African World of fashion. Her line offers bespoke blazers to tailored garments. The company is currently based in Kampala, Uganda.

GloRia WavaMuno

GloRia WavaMuno

Nigerian raised Beautician Maryam Moma talks about her Yamerra skin care line in an Interview with AfricanStyleDaily

Nigerian raised Maryam Moma is a striking beauty. Born to Nigerian and Tanzanian parents, the entrepreneur traveled extensively while modeling before fully transitioning to her passion: skin care.  Moma launched, Yamerra, an organic line of products for hair, face and body. In the five years since it’s inception, the line has grown extensively, attracting a following of fashionistas who care just as much about their wardrobe as they do their bodies. We sat down with Moma to talk about her career as a model, studies as an architect and how both impacted the launch of her luxe skin care line….
The 5-foot-10-inch Nigerian-Tanzanian model, better known as “Bibi” to her colleagues, friends and family, is a stunner

AFRICA STYLE DAILY: Tell us a little bit about your career in modeling prior to starting Yamerra?
MARYAM MOMA: I am a 26-year-old Tanzanian-Nigerian from a family of seven: mother and father, three older sisters, and a twin brother. I grew up mostly in Nigeria and made several stops along the way (Ethiopia, Nairobi, Tanzania, Paris, and Philadelphia) to where I am now: New York City. I am extremely well-traveled, and started modeling at the age of 17. I have been immersed in the world of fashion, beauty and skincare since then. Some of my notable work include being on the cover of HAUTE Magazine a Nigerian Fashion magazine released on London and New York, Ambassador and Face of Selara Faces Make Up Studio and Spa, now known as Selara Beauty Lounge, a major beauty house and brand in Abuja, Nigeria, and most recently, “See Something, Say Something” 911 Safety print campaign found major US Airports, and Billboards on the East Coast. I am very blessed and thankful for all the opportunities I have taken advantage of till now. My current goal is geared towards reinforcing the bridge between fashion and skincare. Being Eco-conscious is Ultra Fashionable. Yamerra has become that platform to remind individuals and the societies at large that there are earth friendly, toxic-free skin and hair options that promote a sustainable environment.
ASD: What inspired you to launch this company?
MM: Yamerra was originally created out of personal need. As a student studying architecture, I simply did not have the funds to shell out for good products for skin and hair.  After much suffering from the use of paraben-filled personal care products, I decided to turn to something natural. As a child in Nigeria,  growing up in my mothers Tanzanian household, I remembered using Limes to bathe, olive oil and Shea as moisturizer.  So revisited these options and began experimenting with Shea butter and essential oils. The oils served to add healing properties and made the Shea butter more malleable and pleasant to use.
Thus, Yamerra is a 100% Organic Skincare line designed for the earth conscious, fashionable trendsetters, young children (ages 4-16), men and women of all skin types. Yamerra is built on Organic Shea butter, infused with herbs and pure essential oils and botanical extracts to enhance the Shea butters healing, rejuvenating and restorative powers.
ASD: Was the process of formulating a natural skin and hair line especially challenging?
MM: Absolutely. I am trained in a completely different field; architecture. In the beginning, during the first season of founding Yamerra, I trained myself and studied about natural herbs and remedies for the skin and hair. I would mix pure Shea and essential oils, having done personal research on restorative herbs and essential oils, for my personal use. I was very reluctant to sell my blends for years, until I was able to get a chemist and formulator on board. With this experienced, licensed, individual on Yamerra’s in-house team and with their knowledge and guidance of how to blend potent natural ingredients, I was much more comfortable making my products available for sale. Now five years old, Yamerra is available in the US, Dubai, Japan, Africa and of course New York City – for me, a nation itself!
ASD: What was the response once it hit the market?
MM: Yamerra, having passed the birth stage, is growing. Our clients, men, women and children are excited about Yamerra products, a primary reason being that the products are nutrient-rich and long lasting.  Yamerra offers a variety of scents (7), within its product palette, and this paired with the fact that each product provides a different function, is highly attractive to its users.
ASD: With so many natural focused products on the market, from Carol’s Daughter to Miss Jessie’s,etc what do you think sets Yamerra apart?
MM: Yamerra intends to create its own niche, by producing luxurious earth friendly products made affordable. Additionally, our products provide dual functionality, each product for the skin and hair makes it significantly more enticing to its users in this pressured economy. Yamerra is designed for children, men and women; the product is designed for all because it contains extremely high levels of pure Vitamin E and A that is restorative for the hair and skin. It aids in several skin conditions, including acne, blemishes, scars, shaving bumps and razor burns, eczema, stretch marks and dermatitis. Additionally, Yamerra offers an Eco friendly product that serves different healing and restorative purposes within the products palette and attracts different types of users. The system of using all natural products, specificallyYamerra’s products, can be easily incorporated into client’s daily lives.
Long-term goals include developing secondary products for specific use, and we are well on our way. Yamerra just released a new product September 1st, 2011 our Natural Facial Serum, specifically for the face, at Georgia Beauty Salon in New York.
ASD: Does your heritage as a Tanzanian-Nigerian influence the products in any way?
MM: Yes. I grew up in Nigeria, however in a Tanzanian household and a lot of my personal care products for every day use were natural remedies. Most notable ones were Shea (which was used on the skin, in the hair, and even to cook with), Olive oil and Limes.  Influences of my heritage can be seen in the choices of natural ingredients chosen for each blend.
ASD: Where can we find your products?
MM: You can find my products at: and on our blog: as well. The Store locations page on the online store is also helpful if one would like to visit a retail location that carries Yamerra products.


Check out Pearl 1130 designer Ade Yusuf's collection;Le Voyage

The use of colour plays a major role in designer Ade Yusuf's Pearl 11 30 designs and their designs are a fusion of vintage & modern fashion design with an afro/traditional flavour which categorically can be seen in Le Voyage. Pearl 11 30 is not restricted to lovers of African inspired designs alone, there is always a piece/or two for everyone irrespective of age, colour or background. The Le Voyage (French term for 'the trip') collection we learnt was  inspired by a holiday in Coutonou, Benin Republic .

 picture source: africastyledaily

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Meet Our Designers of the day ; Somalian Twins Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim

Twin sisters Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim share a story that is anything but ordinary.  Born in the U.S. and raised in Somalia, they fled the country at the age of nine to escape civil war.  Ayaan and Idyl spent their school years in Washington, DC, and went on to study at Boston University and the University of Michigan, respectively.  Their next step was to reconvene in New York City, where they embarked on a mission to stand out from the rest in the crowd in fashion and design.  Experiencing the industry from the ground up, through careful study and practice, they gradually crafted their talent, weaving their varied cultural influences into each meticulously designed piece in their studio.

In 2008, the Mohallim sisters took a bold step together, launching their brand, Mataano (translated as “twins” in Somali), and developing a platform from which to express their vision and bring forth their creations to the marketplace.  Mataano’s premier collection, a boutique preview of ten dresses for Spring 2009, launched in New York City and garnered notice throughout the industry.

In October 2008, Oprah Winfrey, the queen of daytime television, invited Ayaan and Idyl to appear via Skype on her show.  Titled “Young Millionaire Moguls”, the show featured the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, designers of fashion lines The Row and Elizabeth and James.  Paralleling their success with the Olsen twins, Oprah lauded the duo for their inspiring story and much deserved success, and introduced them to the national stage as an emerging brand with a rich cultural heritage.Since then, Mataano has released four collections attracting fervent attention from the press, including The New York Times, Vogue Italia, Arise Magazine, Uptown Magazine, Clutch Magazine, Giant Magazine,,, and numerous blog mentions, among others.  Most recently, Ayaan and Idyl were followed by the cameras of CNN International (Inside Africa) and Voice of America as they shot a feature on the designers.

A Fusion of Culture and Fabrics from Ugandan Designer, Solome Katongole

Maryland based Ugandan Designer, Solome Katongole specializes in customized women’s clothing, her passion infused with her Ugandan culture, influences her ability to design clothes that are sophisticated and sexy. She explores and mimics art with fabrics to create garments that are sexy, sophisticated, and make a statement. Solome holds a bachelors of science in Biology and is a graduate of the Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Her beautiful designs have graced the runways of Africa Fashion Week New York, Boston Fashion Week  “Fashion Expose” and at Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo fashion week 2011

 Photo Source:
Solome Katongole Facebook Page

Ivory Coast Fashion Week 2012 comes up May 2-6, 2012

Ivory Coast Fashion Week is a platform of promotion of the creativity of Ivorian Fashion industry and textile actors (Fashion Designers, Stylists, Models, traditional textile craftsmen, Hairdressers, Make-up artists, Choreographers, Fashion Photographers, etc.) as well as companies products and services.

All these craftsmen with their creative genius gave a Fashion cultural identity to Ivory Coast as Abidjan (economic capital of the country) is considered as the Regional Fashion Capital in West Africa.

The 2nd edition of Ivory Coast Fashion Week will be organized under the theme: "Fashion Industry" in order to show at first the weight of this business sector in terms of job creation but also and especially organize reflection with Government, World Fashion industry leaders, partner in development and the financial institutions for a better organization of this industry.

Ivory Coast Fashion Week is also the platform of selection of Ivorian fashion industry actors who will represent the country at World Fashion Week and World Fashion Awards planned in United States of America in 2012.

 Contact information:

Coulibaly Severin

Ivory Coast Fashion Week

See video and pictures from The new Burberry Spring/Summer 2012 African-inspired collection

The new Burberry collection unveiled at the London Fashion Week was a mix of  African fabrics like ankara and Kente and Handwoven raffia-style pencil skirts matched with matching hats, purses and shoes.

The full Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2012 show, filmed in London on Monday 19 September.