Monday, 14 April 2014

Retrospective on the AFRICA FASHION RECEPTION 2013, Paris (France) - Burkina Faso representative

Fashionistas, fashion lovers, bloggers, fashion professionals in the beautiful city of Paris are yet to forget the wonderful evening of June 23rd, 2013 when the Africa Fashion Reception (AFR) was launch at the historical salle Wagram.  
With the participation of over 16 African countries,  the Africa Fashion Reception (AFR), a pan-African initiative of Legendary Goldt Ltd, set a precedent. According to the organisers, the 2014 edition is already "en route" and promise to be more delightful than ever. 

For now and till then, enjoy the designs of Fran├žois 1er , Burkina Faso representative...

Designer Fran├žois taking a bow
 Stay tuned for our next post and discover who was representing Cameroon.

Do you want to be the next to represent Burkina Faso at the Africa Fashion Reception? Then, apply by email at  or on the event's website at participation.

Designers’ applications are officially open.

Written by dHottentik Lady, fashion enthousiast, apprentice writer."age is a behaviour".

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