Thursday, 8 March 2012

So you still don't know about the J Label by Jewel by Lisa??

 If you haven't heard about the J Label by Jewel By Lisa then you just relocated from Mars. Well not to worry, here is another chance, so digest!

The J Label was birthed out of Jewel by Lisa’s endless love affair with fashion.  A desire to create a completely new and unique brand for the youthful fashion conscious, every day girl, a true dictator of style, with an unbreakable loyalty to the Jewel by Lisa brand. The J Label is a strong combination of urban cool, afro-pop, and cutting edge beautifully crafted clothes — it is affordable luxury at its best.The pieces are high-fashion-completely-relevant to youth life; hand embellished treasures, to be admired, hung nicely in wardrobes the world over, then easily incorporated with other everyday pieces. The J Label remains about quality, craftsmanship, detail, comfort, and most essential considerable affordability. The J Label is not an option, it is always THE option.

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