Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Proudly African! Babatunde....

Born in the depths of central Johannesburg in 2009, Babatunde has grown from a headwear experiment into a concept brand. From what began as a 5 hat and 5 cap experiment, the brand has moved into a space of creative optimism/freedom with new exciting products taking Babatunde to adolescence. With the goal of being a global brand, Babatunde fuses African colours and prints with Western Shapes. The prints represent the uniqueness of each human being. The colours embody the future. And the shapes express the vision and structure of success and prosperity.  Babatunde stands for strong African Values and the progression of Africa through Afrocentrism.  Each product is unique due to fabric cuts as well as limited prints. 

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The word Babatunde is a Yoruba (Nigerian) name. Translated the word means "the father returns". Babatunde stands for all that is truly African and promoting strong family values.  All of the headwear are handmade in South Africa from African fabrics.  Having worked as a fashion stylist for 8 years in Johannesburg, Dubai and London, Gareth Cowden found himself back in Johannesburg and somewhat bored with styling, the challenge of working fashion from another angle appealed to Gareth, so in between production work, Babatunde slowly found its feet. In a quest to find a good blend between African and Western style, Gareth saw a gap in the market for applying African prints to Western shapes. Babatunde has featured in Marie Claire SA, Vice UK, Conde Naste Traveller New York, Fashizblack Paris, The Times SA, Destiny SA, Elle SA, Cosmo SA, Voila SA, and is stocked throughout South Africa.  For further info email Gareth at


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