Friday, 2 March 2012

Get 'Rooted' with these beautiful creations from Ghana accesories outfit ROOTS

At Roots they create fashion accessories using African fabrics and African embellishments like beads, twine, etc. Their designs range from brooches, corsages, hair-bands, rings, embellished flip-flops, embellished raffia bags, hair clips and more and they are all amazingly hand-made. Is it Casual Friday at work? Add a Roots brooch to your shirt or blouse and it makes you stand out! Got a wedding? Worn the same dress before? Add a Roots brooch and voila! It’s a new dress. They are based in Ghana.

Lovely fascinators
Tattered rolled rosettes hairband

The brooch holds your scarf in know how annoying it is when you wear a scarf and it keeps dropping off.

Fabric covered earrings

Iphone pouch

A Roots brooch added to a string of pearls!

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