Friday, 23 March 2012

Feast your eyes on Ituen Basi's Independence Collection

Ituen Basi’s celebration of the ubiquitous Ankara continues in the ‘Independence’ collection, which stays true to the essence of the Ituen Basi label. Set in post independence Nigeria, the collection shows optimism and progress as it dances around a playful yet ladylike retro silhouette with its appealing glamour of the 60s and the humble elegance of traditional Yoruba buba & iro.The streamlined collection belies the intricate craftsmanship synonymous with the label. For colour, Ituen uses vibrant slashes of random colours evoking the energy of a Nigerian market place. The deliberate mishmash of the colours and patterns intensifies and echoes the delightful twist of everyday people on the streets of Lagos. Blazing red is completed by more intense hues of yellow and orange with a stronger accent of green. Key pieces include Capri pants, structured ‘Jackie O’ cropped jackets, mini buba & iro and body conscious evening dresses. Accessories complementing the delicate silhouette of the collection are light and whimsical with belts playing an important role.

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