Thursday, 1 March 2012

'Dress Smarter' with Ariike Alden's clothing line.

Stylish, elegant rich colours with narrow waistline, straight and wide skirt designs are all part of the vintage dress smarter line from underground designer Ariike Alden of House Of Ariike based in London, Ghana and Nigeria.Ariike Alden’s dress smarter line has a heavy influence from Christian Dior 1947 new look, which enabled women to look modern, feminine, sexy, simple and beautiful. Ariike’s vision and talent is to make that fashionable again in this modern time. With the rise of mass produced, throw-away high street fashion there has been a growing interest and passion for vintage, unique, classic and diverse clothing.

House Of Ariike, now more than ever, compensates for this with its authentic and eclectic range of classic but quirky and unique attire by using the richness and spirit of vibrant oriental, African and Asian materials and it is  Acceptable, Affordable and Accessible to all.

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