Wednesday, 7 March 2012


The label name FASHION BY RENE  came into existence 7 years ago, her name is Irene but people call her Rene and this has being her nick name since secondary school days, so she stuck to it. After spending a while in the business of buying n selling of clothes and fashion accessories, she decided to float her own label, something exquisite, unique and fabulous that has her name attached to it, it took her a year to finally make up her mind up, so she launched out last year July. The turn out was huge and over 200 guests attended.Rene's label has 3 categories. Afrorene, Westernrene and B inspired. AFRORENE is about incorporating African prints with  Western Fabrics to make exquisite, stylish and colourful garments.  WESTERNRENE is simply defined as  original, flawless  & timeless styles which speaks for itself. B INSPIRED, its simplicity is less is more, these collections are made from jersey fabrics, with printed words of encouragement or illustrations but still  making a Fashion Statement with it.Rene’s clothing is for every kind of body shape, size and age, to enable that woman wearing it to feel free and on top of the world, Rene’s clothing comes in varieties like Couture, Maxi and Mini Dresses, tops, blouses, leggings and casual wears. She’s a Fashionista in her own way.  FASHION BY RENE'S clothing lines are a definition of Elegance, Class, fabulousity and originality

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