Monday, 13 February 2012

Meet Our Designer of the Day; Boma Inko Tariah

Boma Inko Tariah is a graduate of University of Abuja where she earned her B.A in English literature. As a child, she discovered her passion for fashion designing while sewing little outfits for her Barbie dolls with needle and thread. With God as her cornerstone, she is a self driven individual with a fascination for innovation and exotic imagery. She established her label Beldies La mode as a way of actualizing her dreams. Beldies La Mode is a fashion house based in Nigeria. They specialize in  designing of outfits, bags, hats, accessories and shoes with basically African Fabrics. Boma aims at offering stylish and high-quality products while at the same time affording the client to experience the inspiration behind it. Her  featured at the last O’Neal Rock concert/ Fashion show in Abuja.

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