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INTERNATIONAL MEDIA RELEASE: World Premiere – Global Business Incubator Project Attracts World Class Speakers for New York Launch 2 March 2012

You might just be interested in this too; this is the International press release from New York for Lexy Mojo Eyes' UN conference.
MEDIA RELEASE: World Premiere – Global Business Incubator Project Attracts World Class Speakers for New York Launch 2 March 2012
A ground breaking social enterprise called the BPW Business Incubator Project initiated by Belmont Business Enterprise Centre in Western Australia (Belmont BEC) and Textile, Clothing and Footwear Resource Centre of Western Australia Inc. (TCF Global) and supported by The International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International), will launch internationally on the 2nd of March 2012 in New York.
The BPW Business Incubator Project will provide ‘ONLINE’ training and mentoring to develop the business skills and business growth potential of women in new or existing home based micro small businesses.  Webinars will be on offer in over 40 business topics in areas such as Business Planning, Starting a Fashion Label, Manufacturing Pitfalls, Import/Export and eCommerce.  Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about Global Sourcing from Women Vendors directly from the International Trade Centre.
The project will be officially launched in New York on March 2nd 2012 at a parallel NGO event during the fifty-sixth session of the United Nations – Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). The title of the forum will be ‘Empowering Creative Rural Women Through Enterprise Development and Global Fashion Opportunities’.
VIP Guest Speakers will include:
Lexy Mojo Eyes
  • Freda Miriklis - President BPW International
  • Sharon Graubard - Senior Vice President, Trend Analysis, Stylesight
  • Lexy Mojo Eyes - key Nigerian Fashion Promoter and President
  • Carol Hanlon - CEO of Belmont BEC, TCF Global and member BPW International Asia Pacific Committee
Carol Hanlon
Freda Miriklis
Sharon Graubard

New Australian President of BPW International Freda Miriklis has served on the BPW International committee between 2008 and 2011. Freda is the 23rd BPWI President and is the fourth Australian member elected as BPWI President. Freda is a member of BPW Mid City in Victoria and from 1996-98 was their Young Achievers Chair and was awarded the Australian Young BPW from 1998-2000. Her achievements, not only in her club and Victoria, but BPWA and internationally are extensive. She served as 2nd Vice President in the last BPWI Executive from 2008-11 and during this time was the Chair for the BPW United Nations Committee on the Status of Women.
Freda is currently employed as a Private Client Adviser at Patersons Securities Ltd and has worked for other companies as a Private Client Adviser and Corporate Adviser for other companies since 1992. She is passionate about gender equality. Sharon Graubard, as Senior Vice President of Trend Analysis, expands upon Stylesight's fresh concept of trend analysis in every major market. She works at the New York headquarters' and works closely with the editorial staff to create informative trend analysis for Stylesight's global subscribers. Her proven ability to accurately pinpoint and predict shifts in color and silhouette through a larger analysis of street, runway and culture, supports and strengthens the company’s ability to detect, interpret and transmit the global impulses of the style industry. Prior to Stylesight, Sharon served as Vice President and Creative Director for the trend research and consulting agency, ESP Trendlab.
 Lexy Mojo Eyes has recently hosted the very successful 2011 Nigerian Fashion Week and is also CEO of Legendary Gold Limited. Legendary Gold Limited has been a vanguard in the Nigerian fashion and modeling industries. In its 18 years of operation, it has become the reference point in fashion and modeling in Nigeria.Lexy Mojo Eyes hails from Delta state which is part of the oil rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria.  He trained as a journalist. He practiced as a broadcaster in the then Bendel Television and later Edo broadcasting FM station as a presenter, announcer, newscaster and producer. Lexy has always had a passion for fashion right from his growing up days. When he finally decided to join the fashion industry, he introduced fashion promotion in Nigeria.
 Carol Hanlon who has successfully organised a team of world leading speakers in their fields to address the launch of the BPW Business Incubator Project has established many non-profit community based organisations since 1994. She has been regularly acknowledged for her community based small business projects with many local, state and national awards in Australia since the late 1970’s as a fashion designer in Geelong, Australia of her own wholesale, retail, export fashion business for 20 years.
 Ms Hanlon’s projects include being CEO of Belmont BEC which provides small business support and assistance, TCFWA, TCF Australia, TCF Global, TCF Ormoc and the Design edge Fashion Incubator. In 2012 she ran the successful 3rd International Fashion Incubator Conference in Perth.
 Carol Hanlon has also been awarded Best National BEC Manager twice; is a previous elected Local Government councilor for the City of Belmont; Immediate Past President Australasian Institute Enterprise Facilitators; Immediate Past President Belmont Business & Professional Women (BPW); City of Perth ‘100 Champions of WA’, Graduate Australian Institute Company Directors and inaugural inductee into WA Women’s Hall of Fame.
 Carol Hanlon said of the project, “I am excited to announce our VIP speaker line up for the event which will help women from all around the world take advantage of opportunities of the Global Platform for Action on Sourcing from Women Vendors and help all to develop their business skills.” “During the March 2 seminar we will also highlight global community village sewing projects from the Philippines, Cambodia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Afghanistan and the textile work from Australian Aboriginal artists” which further highlight the potential of what is possible for women’s micro enterprise development.
 Carol Hanlon
Belmont Business Enterprise Centre
TCFWA - TCF Global

 About Participating Organisations
TCF Global is a non-profit community organisation assisting designers and fashion industry with business skills development, linkages in the global supply chain, trade and industry networks, coordinates village sewing projects and facilitates the International Fashion Incubator Network.
Belmont BEC is a non-profit community organisation providing training and mentoring support services to individuals to start or improve their small business and is a specialist in virtual business incubation.
 BPW International
The International Federation of Business and Professional Women – known as BPW International – is one of the most influential international networks of business and professional women with affiliates in 98 countries across five continents. BPW International has general consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and participatory status with the Council of Europe. Members include influential women leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, professionals and young career women. BPW lobbied for the formation of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in 1947 and supported many women’s initiatives over the years. Since 1996, BPW affiliates worldwide have supported over 45,000 women become economically empowered.

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