Thursday, 16 February 2012

Buki de l’Azaria Out with Stunning New 2012 Clothing Collection

Since 2003, the Azaria brand has been dishing super-cool leather
accessories to the Nigerian market. With products ranging from snakeskin
passport holders to croc-print clutches to corporate-branded leather
chequebook holders. Remember that famous ‘it’ bag – the  Azaria ‘vudu’ bag;
fondly renamed the ‘shag’ bag by the Lagos ‘it’ girls who bought them in
several colours? Azaria has been featured in Genevieve, True Love,
Encomium, Clam, Moments with Mo, New Dawn, Style Me and loads more.

Finally in 2012, we witness the birth of the long awaited Buki de l’Azaria clothing collection.
A very bold, colourful yet luxurious label which features blazers without
buttons, lounge jackets, silk blouses, ¾ length trousers and evening
dresses for the ultimate in luxury dining. Theres a lot of brocade and
cotton mixes. Be sure to watch out for flirty, frilled bum shorts.


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