Thursday, 28 June 2012


This year marks the 25th anniversary of Akwa Ibom State creation and
to glam a quarter century of coming into being, Kardynal
Kommunikationz producers of Uyo Model Search; a Fashion Advocacy to
Stop Rape and Violence Against Women, have commissioned 15 high end
fashion designers with roots in Uyo, the capital city of the state to
create one look each for the model talent search event slated for July 22 2012.

Before the special celebration erupts in September, the Uyo
Renaissance Collection shall set the pace by expressing, the elegance,
glamour and breathtaking style that the city of Uyo now embodies. This
collection shall symbolize,  a Fashion Journey into the Land of
Promise, and shall be showcased on the catwalk by the gorgeous
finalist of Uyo Model Search

Anifera Akpe,Udauk Robert,Feron Felix Aaron,Ubong Ekanem

The designers to showcase the Uyo Renaissance Collection include;
Feron, Dewillz, Basigz, Annies, Cowries, Panta, Gift & Glow, Comraphl,
Tari&Brite, Kardynal, Aniferaz Signature, Threadwox, Ima Signature,
Magbrani Bridals, and one other designer. The concept of Uyo Renaissance Collection,
according to Ubong Ekanem, Project Coordinator of Uyo Model Search, “is Kardynal
Kommunikationz’s way of uplifting all of us through such a positive
portrayal of Akwa Ibom beauty. More than that, the models shall bring
to life the beautiful essence of womanhood, which should neither be
violated by rape nor battery

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