Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Meet Our Designer of the Day; Kiki Kamanu

Kiki Kamanu, of American and Nigerian parentage, is the face of her powerful label which was birthed when she began revitalizing her twin sister’s clothes at age eleven.This former runway model and former corporate event planner with Harvard University is the face of her eponymous fashion label. With several years experience designing her own clothes and her love of travel, Kiki draws her inspiration from a myriad of sources. Her childhood is dotted with memories of traveling through the Nigerian countryside and marveling at the colourful indigenous Ásóòkè and Akwete fabrics.Kiki’s creativity and eye for beauty has been passed down to her by the women in her life.Her artistic flair was initially stirred by the Japanese porcelain and artwork that covered her maternal American grandmother’s home; mementos from her life in post-war Japan.Her mother also infused her life with an eclectic blend of the Middle East and South Asia.
Kiki Kamanu

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