Wednesday, 29 February 2012

ZASHADU bags.... handcrafted with love.

Zashadu bags are carefully handcrafted in Lagos, Nigeria. Using Nigerian leather that has been exported and treated in Italy, Spain or Portugal, exotic skins and rough cut semi-precious stones, each unique piece is a collector's dream. Each style has a limit of only 50 pieces to be made in the world thus each piece is as different from the next by varying colour, leather and precious stones and the brand caters for both the women and men folk. Very innovative, Zainab Ashadu the Creative Director at Zashadu fuses the old with the new by combining vintage Aso Oke fabric with leather and sometimes 100% leather adorned with rough cut semi-precious stones from Plateau State, set in brass and lots more.

Zainab Ashadu with some of her collections


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